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Parametric branding, product and experience design.

Combining branding, design, strategy, programming, automation, AI and more.

Offering branding, industrial design and other product design services created using our technologies. We can also offer you access to our technologies and enable you to create amazing things.

Random Access Matter is a new kind of agency and a creative technology platform.

Creative Technology and Processes

What we do is built around our Forward and Inverse Laminar Flow processes. These processes make it possible to maintain brand cohesion while allowing vast output diversity. We mix creative technology, branding, physics and more to bring you mass customizable brand touchpoints and consumer products.

As your brand lives, grows and evolves our technology will help you incorporate changes across the board.


What we deliver

Depending on what you need, we can create a new brand or a product for you.
We can create a brand or a product experience for you. Or we can give your existing assets an upgrade.

We can deliver tools or pipelines for your living brand. These can be used to create vast amounts of touchpoints, assets or design variations. Alternatively we can deliver finished items that are ready for use.

Technology access

If you want to access and use our automated branding and design tools, we can provide a user account for you. We can offer both standard tools and fully customized solutions for your specific needs.


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